Benefits District Partners with ARC Baltimore for its “Fall Leaf Removal” Campaign

Each year, the Benefits District conducts a “Fall Leaf Removal” campaign to help residents dispose of leaves in a timely manner. This year, CVCBD is partnering with ARC of Baltimore for the campaign. On October 30th, two crews of three workers and a job coach from ARC Baltimore joined the CVCBD sanitation team. They are working six hours a day, five days a week, throughout the month of November. One crew will work in the northern part of the District, the other in the southern part. They will remove as many leaves as possible from all parts of the CVCBD. CVCBD has provided this serve annually for about seven years and on the average, removes 6,000 to 7,000 bags of leaves in four weeks. It is important to note however that this is a supplemental service; it does not relieve property owners from also doing their part to remove leaves from their property.