St. Ambrose NEW Host Home Program

Good Morning,

My name is Renee Stainrod and I am the new Host Home Coordinator for St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center. The mission of St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center Inc., is to create and maintain equal housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income people, primarily in Baltimore City, and to encourage and support strong and diverse neighborhoods. In June 2017, key stakeholders in Baltimore, MD assembled to kick off Baltimore’s first Host Home Program for homeless youth, particularly those who identify as LGBTQ. The following partners are each contributing their unique strengths and knowledge to reduce youth homelessness:

Point Source Youth is working to implement research and scale the, Family and Kinship Strengthening, Short-Term Host Homes, and Rapid Rehousing programs that will help in the prevention of youth homelessness in Baltimore.

St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center has a long history of connecting homeowners to interested renters who may not have the capital or credit to thrive in Baltimore’s rental market. They are excited to expand to short-term host homes for youth and will recruit 15 hosts in 2017.

Youth Empowered Society focuses on serving homeless youth while allying with them to create the change that is needed. YES! will be offering rapid re-housing units with an emphasis on case management and connection to employment.

Star Track (Special Teens At Risk–Together Reaching Access, Care, and Knowledge) is launching family and individual therapy designed for young adults who are homelessness or unstably housed. Program therapists are youth-centered and use a justice framework.

The pilot Host Home Program identifies, screens, and trains community members who volunteer to host youth aged 18-24 who are in need of immediate housing, for which hosts receive a stipend and ongoing support from the Host Home Coordinator. The Host Home Coordinator will collaborate with PSY, Star Track, and YES! to identify and appropriately connect young people in need out housing with hosts.

I am reaching out to ask that you share this information with your networks and help us spread the word about this amazing new opportunity.

Our 2-part monthly Host training schedule is as followed:

  • December 15th 5:30-7:30pm & December 16th 9-5pm
  • January 12th 5:30-7:30pm & January 13th 9-5pm


If interested in participating in our upcoming training or just want to learn more about Host Homes, please contact Renee Stainrod at:



  • St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center

321 East 25th Street

Baltimore , MD 21218
410-366-8550 x233

860-532-8835 (Cell)

410-366-8795 fax


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