Members’ Attendance and Method of Appointment



         Attendance Record 12 19 2017


Attendance – Record 12 20 2016


 Attendance Record 12 15 2015

Method of Appointment

Members of the Board of Directors are selected according to the CVCBD Bylaws (Article IV).  Community organizations and elected officials appoint voting members to the Board.  The Board does not appoint its voting members, except to fill vacancies.  Each organization or official determines their own process for selecting their representatives.  The Board can appoint non-voting members.  If all seats are filled there are twenty-seven members.

Here is a list of organizations and officials that appoint representatives:

The twenty-one voting members are apportioned as follows:

1. The Mayor shall appoint one member.

2. Each of the following neighborhood associations shall appoint two members, one of whom shall be president of that association or his or her designee:

    1. The Abell Improvement Association
    2. The Charles Village Civic Association
    3. The Old Goucher Community Association
    4. The Harwood Community Association

3. Each of the following business organizations shall appoint two members to the Board:

    1. The Waverly Main Street
    2. The Old Goucher Business Alliance
    3. The North Charles Village Business Association

4. Two members of the City Council appointed by the President of the City Council

5. There may be up to four quadrant representatives elected to the Board in accordance with Article IV, Section 5 of the CVCBDMA Bylaws.

In addition, there may be up to six non-voting members, apportioned as follows:

6.  The Board may appoint up to four members from neighborhood associations bordering the District, but no more than one member from any such association.

7.  The Board may appoint up to two members from non-profit organizations within the District, but no more than one member from any such non-profit organization.