Schedule of Meetings

Board and committee meetings are held in the conference room of the office located at 2434 St Paul Street unless otherwise indicated on the calendar shown on the Home page. The regular monthly schedule is as follows:

Program Committee Meeting 2013

Program Committee Meeting 2013

Meeting:                        Day of month & time:

Board of Directors             4th Tuesday 7:00 pm

Finance Committee           2nd Tuesday 6:30 pm

Executive Committee        2nd Tuesday 7:00 pm

Governance Committee    3rd Monday 6:30 pm

Program Committee          3rd Monday 7:30 pm

The list above shows the regular meeting schedule and most meetings are held accordingly. However, the schedule is sometimes changed to accommodate holidays and to include additional meetings. Therefore, please check the full calendar to be sure of the actual meeting dates or call the office at 410-235-4411.

Other regular meetings:

Public Hearing on the Financial Plan – held in late March or early April each year

Quad Elections – held in October each year

Quad Elections 2012

Quad Elections 2012


Public Hearing on the 2016 Financial Plan – CVCBD Board President Matt Herman providing an overview at the podium.