Harwood Community Association

To build and strengthen community in our neighborhood.Harwood 8

This area shares its early history with its neighboring communities, Abell and Better Waverly. Harwood was originally part of the second “Huntingdon” tract, surveyed for John and Ashsah (Ridgely) Carnan in 1757. In the early 1840s, the Philadelphia, Washington, and Baltimore Railroad began to run a single tract east and west through the neighborhood. Although the train had little impact at first, …by 1878, traffic on the now double track of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad had increased to sixty trains per day. In the 1870s, the Harwood area was known as Oxford, and was a companion to the other nearby small villages of Friendship and Homestead. Major settlement at this time existed east of York Road, where today’s 27th Street was known as Oxford Street, 28th Street as Brady Street, and Mathews Street as Frisby Street. Considerable brick and frame construction had occurred near the intersection of 25th and Barclay streets, and Sumwalt Lane.
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