Safety Services Reports

SRB Walk 2

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake joins the Harwood Neighborhood Walk in 2015

The Safety Services program provides targeted Safety Patrols, workshops, and assistance to victims of crime; publishes information via newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and the weekly email blast Crime Alert, and supports the Safety Advisory Council, Neighborhood Walkers on Patrol and National Night out Against Crime. The following are crime and program reports:

  • Total crimes 2014 – 2016 (monthly):

    Total –  Crime – December 2017

  • Crimes against property during the past year (monthly):

   Crimes -Against – Property – December 2017

  • Crimes against persons during the past year (monthly):

   Crimes – Against – Persons – December 2017

Note 1: Three year comparisons (2014-2016) for each of the major crimes listed in these two charts are available on request from Tony Brown Director of Safety Services at
Note 2: All crimes reported in the above three charts are adapted from data provided to the CVCBD by the Northern District of the Baltimore Police Department.
  • Neighborhood Walkers on Patrol report (monthly):
  • Crime Alert (weekly):

     Crime Alert 1224 to 16

  • Court Watch Report: summary of court cases involving defendants who committed crimes in the district from 2010 to present.

   CVCBD Court Watch

Safety Advisory Council meeting 2012

Safety Advisory Council meeting 2012

Four of the CVCBD's off duty police officers 2013

Four CVCBD off duty police officers on patrol 2013