Customer Service Policy & Summary of Services

The staff of the CVCBD are all dedicated to providing the highest quality and consistency of services to residents. Our Customer Services policy is found here:

A detailed description of the services that the Charles Village Community Benefits District is providing in FY 2018 (July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018) is found in CVCBD Program Services Mix FY 2018 . The following is a summary:

Sweep streets at least twice weekly

Clean alleys at least once a week

Service 102 trash baskets 365 days a year

Remove bulk trash from alleys once weekly (Except cloth covered items, construction material, tires, and electronics)

Pick up litter from the alleys, storm drains, & tree wells

Assist residents with seasonal activities such as the removal of fall leaves and crab grass

Sanitation Staff

Sanitation Staff

Respond to sanitation and safety service requests from residents

Provide Safety Patrols at targeted times and locations

Provide security cameras at targeted locations

Provide assistance to victims of crime

Provide Rat Abatement services throughout the District

Publish materials on sanitation and safety issues via our website, and email blasts such as the weekly Crime Alert

Support the Safety Advisory Council, the Mayor’s spring and fall cleanups and National Night Out Against Crime

Participate in community activities such as Neighborhood Walkers on Patrol

Fall leaf removal campaign 2012

Fall leaf removal campaign 2012



Neighborhood Walkers on Patrol

Neighborhood Walkers on Patrol